Fashion’s night out at Neiman Marcus Willowbend was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!

Thursday I was just ready for one more Fashion’s night out. One more of the many. Blah.

To my surprise, the night at NM was simply great: the luxury of the merchandise, the warmth of their associates, the live music and the delicious food – all just perfect.

While drinking champagne and appreciating the delicious gourmet cup cakes, I sat to watch the “dog fashion show”. That was cute: lots of little dogs with tulle skirts, trendy accessories and one that actually got my attention: a “bronze dog” on wheels. Well, I guess that’s art!

I stayed for the Women’s fashion show and it was impeccable: the production was detailed, the outfits were put together, well accessorized.

50 shades of green, lots of yellow and other bright colors, and prints, prints and more prints.

The “navy is the new blue” – if it is not I can say that at least it played a well important role.

The oversized shades, the red lipstick and that classic look that the right pony tail can give.

Louboutins, Lanvins, Manolos… OMG, it was shoe paradise!

Now the accessories…those were to die for. A lot of gold touched and perfectly complemented classic, timeless and chic outfits.

The men’s fashion show was not any less impressive. A show to be seen.

Needless to say, the experience was elegant and luxurious. And I am totally ready for the next one!











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