Sneak peek of the new Eclettica collection

Sneak peek of the new Eclettica collection

Eclettica is coming back with a new fabulous collection: luxury designs at affordable prices. I saw a sneak peek of the collection and the new pieces are divine!

I am so excited about the new concept: lots of natural stones, mixed with beads and metal.

Original, creative and bold.

Eclettica is basically the story about two friends that got together to spend some quality time doing something that they really liked: fashion.

It became a hobby to create and handcraft custom jewelry, to design exclusive necklaces, to make fun accessories that would make their own outfits stand out.

Once they started using their creations, everyone started asking about them.

At this point, the have stylists who host jewelry parties and market their products. And they are expanding.

I absolutely love what I saw for Fall.

You can check them out by “liking” their new Facebook page: Eclettica Online.

I will post more pics soon.


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