No white after Labor day?

I have always wondered who came up with this rule…and found out that many of us wonder about the same thing.

Whether it is because during the late 1800/ early 1900’s wealthy people used white to distinguish themselves from the flock and “parade” some social privileges, or because white reflects heat from the sun, therefore it is less hot and should be used during summer, or yet because some “fashion editors” said so, I break that rule every year.

Look at Valentino’s 2013 Fall collection: yes, white!


Michael Kors, the expression of a young and contemporary generation of simple, clean-cut fashionistas has also incorporated lots of white into his Fall collection. You just have to look at the fashion shows, magazines and really around you, to see that this is an outgrown idea.

Michael Kors

Alexander Wang, Christian, Siriano, Derek Lam, Phillip Lim, Proenza Schouler and many others would agree with me: white is part of their creations, making Fall/Winter look snowy, cozy and very, but very sophisticated.

Theyskens’ Theory

Don’t forget Chanel: chic and elegant white…

If you are still not convinced about “breaking the rule” (by the way, in talking to several european and latin friends, no one has never heard of this rule…), take a look at the contemporary designs of Blumarine, Theysken’s Theory, and Guess. All of them bring gorgeous pieces in white, even on their faux fur coats.

Express your personality, set the trend and make white your Fall color. I think it is fabulous!


One thought on “No white after Labor day?

  1. I totally agree!! I have always loved white, and grew up with that ridiculous rule! I have not followed it though for the past several years! White for all seasons is
    such a crisp, awesome color statement! I especially love winter white!!!

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