The pear shape …

The pear…

Many of us grow up with that idea of cultivating and praising the perfect “hour glass” shape.

Then, we watch television, see magazines, outdoors and are surrounded by unrealistically slim models, forgetting they are just used in the fashion industry because they are the closest thing to a hanger!

Designers do not want your curvaceous, beautiful figure to be the center of the attentions: their designs are.

Turns out, that we, women, come in a variety of beautiful shapes: pear, apple, strawberry, hourglass and “boy-ish”. All of them beautiful. All of them challenging. All of them real.

All women want to look pretty, to feel confident and coveted.

Some tricks can definitely help flattering our most beautiful features and concealing our little flaws (which most of the times seem so tremendously evident, perceptible- like if they were screaming “look at me, I’m here”!).

Let’s just talk about the pear shape, the “bottom heavy”, or triangle: you are a pear shape if your shoulders are narrower than your hips, if it seems that all of your body weight decided hanging on your hips and thighs.

Well friend, do not worry. You can so easily work around it and look gorgeous!

The secret is balance. You have to use visual tricks to balance your figure and make it proportional.

Here is how:

1-   When choosing your pants/jeans, go for boot cut or wide legs, which will give some extra volume to the bottom part of the legs and balance your figure out.

2-    Opt for dark color pants, making it easier to move the attention to another body part

3-    A-line skirts and dresses will be your forever best friend: they should closely follow the contours of your curves (avoid the baggy and unshapely look) close to your waist and flare out when going down

4-    Put some volume and highlight your top part with details: puffed sleeves, ruched sleeves, shoulder details

5-    Tops with fun prints, bright colors and even horizontal stripes

6-    Jackets and tops must hit the hipbone – do not attempt to cover your hips with your top, it will make your hips look even wider

7-   Abuse the wrap dress

8- And use chunky, statement necklaces, chandelier earrings,  that will bring all the attention to your neck and face!

In the end of the day, the most important thing is to embrace who you are and make your personality come out: set your own style (with just a little help of the tips above…) and have fun!

Tweed Blazer, Chiffon Blouse & Boot-Cut Pants
Stairways Mini Dress
Print blazer and statement necklace
Belstaff Resort 2013

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