The apple shape…

The apple …

Much more common that you think, the apple shaped woman is the one who carries most of the weight in the midsection.


Again, it is all about balance, all about illusion.

You want to choose items that will minimize the roundness in the midsection by defining the waistline and giving a little bit of structure.

Here are some ideas on how to flatter you apple shaped body:

1-   Wear a very good bra: it is a good way to start the definition of your waistline

2-    Lower necklines will help “elongating”  your body: v necks are awesome, but you can also use boat necks, scoop necks or open collar shirts

3-    The length of your top is very important: either right below your hipbones or a few inches above the crotch point

4-    The best jackets will be the v shaped lapels that button just below the bust, again creating more of a hourglass shape

5-    Empire cuts are your best friend, either in t0ps or dresses, because they will be fitted at the bust line, but will flow away from your waist

6-    Boot cut, straight leg or even some flare bottoms will do you good: run away from anything with pleats (trouser jeans are great!)

7-    If you think you can pull it off, waist defining belts can be a good asset to your closet: you will have to find the right spot (usually a little higher that your natural waist)

8-    Monochromatic outfits also give the impression of a leaner and longer figure

9-    Skirts should not be long: showing a little bit of leg will draw the attention away from your midsection and help balance out your body

10- Do not used striped tops

In the end of the day, as I always say, you have to embrace who you are: these are just tricks to make you look more fabulous!






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