Robyn Lawley: First Plus-Size Ralph Lauren Model

Size 12. 6 foot 2 inches. And gorgeous!

That’s Robyn Lawley, an Australian that is making the covers and is the first plus size model to make a campaign for a high end fashion designer. And that had to be Ralph Lauren, a lifestyle trend setter, a classic fashion voice.

It was about time to see someone real advertising clothes that you will actually wear.

It was more then time to see a beautiful woman showing to other real women, in real size bodies that we can all be classy, sexy and seductive, no matter in what size or shape you come, as long as you embrace yourself and are happy on your own skin.

Clothes are made for regular women, and seeing Robyn modeling them, brings us a sense of reality and normality, triggering the wish of looking great, highlighting your best features and showing off your curves.

As well as most of us, Robyn struggled with weight and eventually even stopped modeling. Until she saw the example of other plus size models that succeeded in the profession and decided that modeling was not only a matter of size, but  a matter of attitude.

I hope to see more and more plus size models making the runway, the magazines, the designer campaigns. That will help fashion become more of an every day piece of every woman’s life, will make every woman discover her self style, and embrace her features. Fashion will be accessible and desirable for women in all sizes, colors and shapes.






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