No minis after 35?

As you may know by now, I am not a big fan of all the fashion conventions, mainly the outdated ones.

Some long time ago, women over 35 were not supposed to show their gams, regardless of how well shaped, toned, long and wonderful they may look.

Well, times changed, and fashion over crossed the line of harsh style conventions. Fashion is not only about the outside, but a lot about the inside.

It is not only about how fabulously tanned and toned those legs look, but about the confidence you have (or not) to bare them. 

There are several examples of gorgeous women, who you might really not know the age, that show their skin with class and lots of confidence. It is about how you look, but mostly how you feel : who would tell Elle Macpherson that she is too old to use a mini skirt?


Who can tell Demi Moore, Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth Hurley, Cindy Crawford, Michelle Pfeiffer or Diane Lane that they are just too old to wear anything above their knees???





Sorry, Halley Berry, Julia Roberts and Naomi Watts: no more minis allowed!

I believe that as we age, we change our style, we tone down a little (just naturally) and make more elegant choices.

We can still use minis and look classy, appropriate and fabulous!

Here is the secret: work those legs out, sweat, stretch, squat. Tone those gams and wear your most amazing smile, together with those killer heels and show off. If you can put that mini on, look in the mirror and feel like a top model, who is to tell you cannot?

Make fashion be enjoyable and fun, something that you like to experience, that you use as an extension of your personality. 

35? 40? 45? No one can tell by the length of you skirt, but they sure can by your attitude, spirit and confidence.



Get your mini skirt and celebrate who you are (with those gorgeous legs and not much more…).

Y Viva La Vida!!!


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