The white shirt

Looking for versatility?

The white shirt is one of the most versatile items that you can have in your closet.

From very classic to modern and contemporary, the white shirt plays lots of important cards in your wardrobe: with jeans, it is casual, yet elegant, with slacks or a nice pencil skirt, your perfect outfit for a business casual look, under a suit, gives you the “CEO look” and in a sophisticated fabric and  stylish design, makes you look like a million dollar celebrity!

Everything starts with the right white shirt for you: look for the right fit and the right fabric.

The right fit will depend on your body type and the right fabric, on your life style.

If you have a full bust, for example, you would look absolutely gorgeous in a wrap shirt: the v-neck shape will “diminish” your bust and the wrapping detail will enhance your waist, giving you a beautiful balance.


If you have a boyish figure, a shirt with a detail at the waist line, such as a belt or sash, will give the illusion of the perfect lines.


If you are chest flatted, details like ruffles will be your best friend!

Now, if you are an hour glass figure..lucky you: pick whatever style you want!

All the styles can be basically used from day to night, from work to weekend, from casual to sophisticated.

Choose the right fabric – great quality, comfort and practicality are the main features that you will look for.

No matter if you are a business executive, a stay home mom or simply a free spirit entrepreneur that juggles work and errands, the right white shirt should make you look your best at any time.

You can find white shirts in a broad variety of materials: woven, silk, linen,  an incredible variety of cotton ( gauzy, wrinkle free,), and some very practical fabric mixes such as: cotton/nylon/spandex,  cotton/polyester, cotton/polyamide/elastane, etc).

Use and abuse: the white shirt can go anywhere with you!






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