Are you a handbag lover?

What kind of handbag you love the most?

I use to say that it totally depends on my style mood (yes, I do have different style moods…) and the occasion, the place or my goals for the day.

Being an accessory diva, I absolutely love handbags!

The tote is one of my favorites:always very convenient, fits all I need to carry ( even though it seems that the bigger the handbag the more I find to carry with me). Usually medium to large size with two straps. Some people call it a “shopper”. Totes usually have open tops.


Also like my satchel: a handbag with double handles, firmer structure, a wide, flat bottom and most of the times a locking hardware. May vary in size. I usually can organize my stuff better inside the satchel, however, sometimes I lack a little more room.





When I want to go more relaxed, I like my Hobos… usually large crescent-shaped shoulder bag or any large bag that hangs from your shoulder and has a main compartment closure – it has a much more “relaxed structure”, almost looking like a potato bag.

Then there is the baguette bag: really cute, really reminds you of a baguette- it is long from side to side but not too tall. I was think of the baguette as a very ladylike handbag. Personally, I can only use baguettes for short special occasions when I do not have to carry all my goodies!



The shoulder bag ( really any bag with a shoulder strap) can be convenient because you can cross over the shoulder and basically carry around wherever you go.

Obviously, as we pointed before, certain shapes can flatter your figure more than others:

if you are tall and slim, choosy slouchy, rounded bags ( love the hobos…).

If you are short and on the heavier side, choose something that will balance your figure, such as a tote, which is tall and rectangular.

If you are petite, be aware of the size of the bag: you do not want it to be bigger than you!


Handbags: Michael Kors, Brahmin, Via Uno

** All photos taken exclusively for this blog


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