12 Essential items in a man’s closet

Nowadays, men are just as hooked on style as women. They want to present themselves well in any occasion, from work to an event, from day to night, from casual to formal.

Not everyone though can or want to have 354 pieces in their closet, mostly because first, the more you have, the less you remember they are there. Second, because you forget to be creative and come up with trendy ideas to express your personality. And third, but not least, you do not want to have outdated items in your closet.

So men, here we go!

You will obviously note that the “essentials” might vary from one stylist to the other, but here are the 12 items that I believe will make a practical, versatile and appropriate wardrobe:

1-One black, charcoal or navy blue well tailored, high quality suit

2-A white dress shirt (no man can live without that one)!

3-A classic tie

4-A sport coat (yes, this item is so important-from using with your Khakis or with your jeans, it just makes a polished outfit)

5-Straight legged jeans-I know…that is the most classic cut and every man must have one ( your fancy skinny jeans are not really an essential item, but a fun one to have)

6-Khaki pants-for those times when you are not sure how to be casual without looking too relaxed, or for those times when you have to make it a “business casual

7-V-neck sweater: this is that item that is basic, necessary and charming (you can even have a little fun with the color)

8-T-shirt-the basic tee will be solid plain and neutral (you can still have several tees, but leave those with fun graphics and cartoons for teenagers)

9-Black dress shoes (any doubts about this one?)

10-Polo shirt-charming and classic

11-Sneakers (we know you also go casual with your jeans, and that is perfectly fine)

12-Black belt

I could sure easily double this list and add items like sport shirt, cargo shorts, leather jacket, the perfect watch and the most sexy fragrance, but my list would be never ending.

So, this list, is meant to be a starting point, for men that want a basic, versatile, simple yet appropriate wardrobe.

Which are your essentials?



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