My 189 pairs of shoes…

I am sure a style passionate, a trend setter, an “express your personality” type of fashion follower. I love clothes (can’t imagine myself without my classic LBD or my extremely ripped jeans), handbags, jewelry, make up, fragrances and…shoes! OMG, who would I be without my 189 pairs of shoes (just kidding, I have not counted them, might even have more than that…lol)?

I believe though that shoes are the pure expression of your personal style: flats or stilettos, pointed toe or square, wedges or platforms. Does it really matter?

I made my closet in a way that literally half of it is dedicated to my shoes. Some times I organize them by color, some times by occasion, sometimes by vibe, be heel, by season. Name it and I have already tried it. I just have too much fun with them.

The right shoes can make an incredible difference on your outfit. The wrong ones though will simply kill all your chances of success.

Flats sweet flats… ( which honestly I do not own many – I am definitely a “heel girl” despite of being 5’9″). They can make a simple “jeans and white tee” look fun, or modern, or elegant. They will mostly be comfortable and give the little touch to your outfit. Match some bright-colored flats to your jeans/tee combo and make it young and fun. Choose some leopard print ones and make trendy. Opt for a neutral color, with metallic details and make it classy and elegant.

Your jeans and tee will look classic and feminine with these black flats
Stylish and fun, yet classy…
Neutral and basic
In my best Alladin mood…metallic and fun

Round or pointy toe? Besides what is dictated by the “transitory fashion”, I would say that it is all about your personal taste.

Here are some ideas…

Wedges are to be loved. One of my personal preferences they can also be very comfortable and yet give you that amazing “extra height”. Personally, I have long days standing on my feet when styling customers and wedges are champs! I can walk all day long on them and not feel exhausted. You just have to look for the right wedges, cause some of them can be quite heavy. There are some brands that make really nice, lightweight wedges, such as Steve Madden and Schultz ( this is a Brazilian brand that makes fabulous shoes. For real).

Awesome and comfortable – wedges also make into Fall
Just fab!

I use wedges with everything: dresses, wide leg pants, jeans, capris and even shorts. They are just perfect.

A spring version of very comfy and cute wedges

Platforms are another passion of mine: comfortable yet classy, everyone must own some platforms. Again,  love the height and the looks. Some of my favorite platforms are Louboutins, but also appreciate my Stuart Weitzman and Manolo Blahnik. Can’t forget the super fun styles of Chalortte Olympia, the elegance of Valentino and Fendi and the fabulous Giuseppe Zanotti.

For day or night, the platforms will make your outfit look modern and sophisticated.

Edgy and modern, will make the outfit chic and eclectic
Neutral, casual and chic
Stylish and fun, fun, fun…

Season for boots and booties: another must have. Show off those fabulous boots with a stylish geometric dress or your booties with tights and mini skirts. And never, ever forget your skinny jeans!All in. All now.

Modern and classy, just like it should be


There is a pair of boots for every occasion and every outfit. And obviously, your personal style, like the ones in the pic…
Prep casual chic with my tan boots…

There is also room for the pumps ( a sophisticated version of non platform dressy shoes), loafers, smoking slippers, sandals and even sneakers for that special casual occasion.

Unique can be classy and chic!
My most favorite pumps!

In the end of the day, what really matters is that your shoes can (and will) definitely make a statement about yourself.

A certain Jackie Onassis vibe…

Keep true to your personal style, use your own fashion and innovate. And if you are like me, you might use more than one pair a day, to express the fifty shades of yourself!



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