Chanel and Dior Lipstick

First of all, I have to say that I love Chanel and Dior!

Then, I have to say that despite of my fashion ventures and even some daring on eye make-up, I am not a huge lip color girl. I always tend to go with nude, maybe a little of a sheer brown, if I am in the very daring mood, maybe even a golden shade or so, but it has been a huge challenge to use any kind of red lipstick! I know…and I have to agree: it is the most beautiful, classy, sensual and feminine color on the lips, but I guess it is only a personal thing.

That said, I got to pretty different shades of red and decided trying them on and letting you know how I felt .

The first one that I tried, was the ROUGE DIORIFIC by Christian Dior. I chose a very intense shade of red: 014 – Rouge Dolce Vita (Dolce Vita Red). When I first saw this lipstick, I have to say that the case has definitely got my attention: the shape, de details, the golden shiny case looks like a little jewel, one that you want to have on top of your vanity, in front of everything else! It is just gorgeous!

Dior Rouge Dolce Vita (Dolce Vita Red)
Dior Rouge Dolce Vita (Dolce Vita Red)

Something else that really attracted me, is that it has a matte finish and I can opt to just keep that look, or to apply a lip gloss on top of it, mainly in the center of my lips, to make them look awesome and full.

Personally I liked the texture which allows a very smooth and even application. It is creamy, but your lips do not feel sticky.

It has a long-lasting formula – I had to re touch mine only after a little over 6 hours ( counting that I had drinks and appetizer and did not need to retouch immediately!). However, I believe that it is not only on the formula, but also, on how your skin/lips absorb the product. The longevity might very from person to person, that is why, I always like to remind everyone, that this is a personal review, just my personal experience.

It retails for $ 36.00.

Here are some of the colors for Dior Dolce Vita:

Dior Dolce Vita colors

After loving the Dior Rouge Dolce Vita, I ventured into Chanel: I chose a different shade of red, more wine/burgundy shaded. Rouge Allure color 104 (Passion). That sounded just like me…

Starting also with the case, I found it simple and sophisticated, and love the case, which opens with a click! As simple as that – click it and it pops.

Chanel Rouge Allure
Chanel Rouge Allure

Rouge Allure is very elegant and luxurious, and has very intense colors. It has a satin finish (what also appealed to me because I had control on how shiny I wanted my lips to look) and a long-lasting formula as well.

Its formula contains Tea Butter and Sappan Wood, which gives lasting protection ( together with the Green Tea, which has lots of antioxidants).

Red is an iconic color in Chanel’s collections – since it was used by Gabrielle Chanel to give the impertinent look, countering her famous LBD and white pearls.

The texture is also fabulous, easy to apply. I needed to touch my lips up after around 5 hours and half ( but again, that might vary a lot among different people, and their activities during that certain period of time).

It comes in 16 shades and I am featuring some of them below.

Chanel Rouge Allure
Chanel Rouge Allure

Other colors available. It retails for $32.50

Just comparing the colors…

Dior - Chanel lip color

My red lipstick experience…

Well, seems that I survived my red lip experience. And maybe even am a little more willing to venture into new lip colors!


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