Hair Styles: a ride from 1920 to 2013

I believe the first time that women really ventured into short hair styles was in the 20’s. Short hair with all types of waves ( finger waves, marcel and perms among others).

The finger waves, for example, was introduced in the 20’s as a way to soften the bobbed curls.

1920 Hair Style

The marcel waves appeared when the first curling irons were out ( not going to talk about the technology and danger of those irons at that time) and were named after Francois Marcel, the hairdresser who invented the style in 1872.

In the 30’s, women decided getting back to their femininity, they were tired of the “boyish figure”. That’s when they started using more fitted garments and growing their hairs again, still using lots of soft waves, such as the “finger wave” style.

The 40’s included updos and the “peek-a-boo bangs.They came up with a nice variety of updos and made the sensual peek-a-boo bang very popular. The pin-curls were also very popular and probably the most stylish.

1940 Hair Style

Glamour was the word in the 50’s. Every woman during this time aspired to look stylish and well-groomed. At the time, the hair was being teased, sculpted, sprayed, waved and basically fixed in some kind of semi permanent curled and sculpted hair. That’s when the cosmetics industry became really happy…

The 60’s were unquestionably elegant: they were a transition from the “big hair” in the 50’s, to the frizz, ragged hair of the hippie era. Flips were the most popular and had several variations. The bouffant was another popular option.


And then came the 70’s. And together with it, the hippies. Women were trying to look as natural as possible: time to let your hair down! The Afro was one strong trend and the other one was the Shag.

80’s: Shag. Not the same shag of the 70’s though: something very close to a mullet. The Jeri curl was another very popular option ( Michael Jackson had one back in the day, and that really set the trend strongly). During the 80’s no one knew their natural hair color anymore: from blond  to any crazy neon color.

1980 Mullet

Sexy was a big word in the 90’s: still big, but more sensual. There was more variety: you could have long straight hair as well as short and curly, and it would be fine. Jennifer Anniston was a trend setter during the 90’s.

This decade saw great strides made with styling tools such as hair extensions and straighteners, advancements that allowed women to become more bold in their choices and change styles more often. Many classic styles from history were reworked for the beginning of the 21st century.

2000 was different: there were all kinds of style. Lots of extensions, straighteners, and other tools. Styles used back in the old days started being revamped. Long or short, straight or curly, blond or black, it is time for everyone to praise the hair they have ( and just enhance a little with the amazing tools).

Retro trends with a touch of future: this is 2010! Fringes, layers, updos, geometric. Sleek ponytails, loose, soft waves and braids were a must during spring 2010. Long and seductive hair was trendy in 2011, as well as bangs.

2010 Natural waves

Ponytails, fishtails, bobs and layers are in for 2013. The hairstyles 2013  show the versatility and variation of timeless and various haircuts. Take advantage of your natural hair, find the right hair cut, keep the color vibrant and you will sure be the most stylish one around!

2012 Pomytail


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