The luxury of anti-anging: Shiseido and Orlane

Shiseido BIO-PERFORMANCE Advanced Super Restoring Cream is an anti-aging cream, formulated with Rose Apple Leaf Extract to protect skin from harmful environmental aggressors and maintain youthful looking skin.

Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid N supplies a high level of moisture which helps maintain a positive cycle in the skin.

The main uses for the Bio-Performance Advanced Super Restoring cream are for lifting (re-shaping) and firming, as well as smoothing deep wrinkles.

It comes in 50 ml  and 75 ml and it retails for  $99 and $124 respectively. The jar is luxurious and it comes with a spatula.

It should be used after have your skin cleansed and balanced (using a softer and serum), twice a day: morning and night. You just have to use a small amount and apply to the five points on the face: mid of forehead. nose, cheeks and chin (blend the cream upward and outward).

It is a rich cream and it has a light pleasant scent.

I have normal skin (not dry, not oily) and the absorption of this product on my skin is pretty quick. It does not feel sticky after application and it gives a fresh sensation – very moisturizing. Shiseido recommends it for any skin type. I liked the glow and shine that it brought to my face almost immediately and could notice some improvement in the firmness after a couple of weeks.

Crème Repulpante Antirides Extreme

Orlane Creme Repulpante Antirides Extreme, or Extreme Line-reducing Re-plumping Cream, fights wrinkles and rejuvenates skin.

It is expected to stimulate skin regeneration and treat the wrinkle from the inside, and also provide deep hydration.

It should be applied twice a day: morning and night.
One of its ingredients, Memoxyle®, intervenes in the transmission of inter-cellular messages, rebuilding the skin and helping it say young longer. It also contains black tea and ceramides.

It comes in 1.7 oz and it retails for $250. The jar is beautiful and it also comes with a spatula.

It is a lighter cream, however my skin took a little longer to absorb it completely. I could feel my skin moist and fresh immediately. Over a period of 3 weeks I could notice also a more “glowy” skin and slightly fuller contours.

Bio-Performance Advance Super Restoring Cream
Bio-Performance Advance Super Restoring Cream

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