I have “two bodies”, so what?

Elle Macpherson is one of my idols, as are Heidi Klum and Charlize Theron. Three breath-taking women. Three fabulous faces and gorgeous bodies: tall, slim, long legs, flawless complexion, expressive eyes and perfect smiles. Sizes: 4-6. Yes, those sizes that all of us dream wearing…

 The catwalks around the world are filled with double zero sized women.

The print and electronic advertising world portray only skinny and perfect bodies, framed with the perfect outfits adorning those dream faces (with just the perfect make-up!).

But, let’s be realistic: women come in all sizes, colors and shapes and most of the times have problems dressing their bodies.

Many brands unfortunately tailor their clothes for that exact market: if you are over 120lbs you will probably fit in NONE of their items.  And go try a size 8…they would not fit a 10-year-old girl! As if that was not enough, the sizes many times go to 12 only.

Actually, many of us, women, have “two bodies”: one size on top, a different one on the bottom. And that, my friend, can make our lives very difficult!

The first step is actually figuring out our sizes, what again, can be challenging. The important point is to be aware of where should the item fit perfectly and where it can be altered or tailored. For example: if you have wide hips and narrow waist, it is very likely that you won’t find a pair of pants that will fit perfectly. In that case, you should find pants that fit your hips – and the waist can be tailored.

The second step, is to find out if you use the same size on the top and on the bottom: sometimes that difference in size can be substantial, and you might need to shop for tops and bottoms in different departments or even different stores – some women might be Petite on top and Misses on bottom, or Misses on bottom and Plus size on top. As I said, we come in every shape and size!

The third step is the most difficult one: once we find out our true size, we must accept it and shop accordingly, so we will get the best fit of each item and outfit.

So, what are the tips to make the best of your shopping experience and get the perfect fitted outfits?

1-    Start by finding your body shape: are you a Pear? Apple? Strawberry? Hourglass? (that will help you to start understanding your proportions)

Body shapes

2-    What is your best feature or the part of our body that you like the most or are most comfortable with? (you will look for styles or details that highlight the best of you)

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 4.31.24 PM

3-    Always try at least 2 sizes: even when you know your size, trying 2 different ones is beneficial – it can show you that a larger or smaller size might fit more nicely in that specific style

4-    Battle your frustration – when we do not find something that fits us all over, we tend to get frustrate with our bodies. We have to keep in mind, that our bodies are not meant to fit the clothes, but the other way around, and there is nothing wrong on having to tailor a little here and there

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 4.37.20 PM

5-    Be open-minded – we have some pre-concepts that make us repeatedly go to the exact same styles, colors and shy us away of trying new things

6-    Try it on! Clothes can look really different when in the hanger…

7-    Don’t let it pull – remember: if the shirt is gaping in the chest line and the skirt is sliding up, try a size larger

Don't let it pull

8-    Different brands run different sizing, have different cuts and fits. Did not like what you saw? Try a different brand!

But more important than all, be confident in your own skin!


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