Is tomboy your style?

First of all, let’s make it clear: tomboys are cool. It seems that they always have more fun..

When growing up, I totally considered myself a tomboy ( well, I believe everyone did too!): I did not like dolls, or pink, or ruffles and sparkles. I did not like ballet or cooking classes at school. No. I liked to play soccer, to be the captain of my dodgeball team, to use shorts, tees and sneakers all the time. I liked short hair or it would be on a pony tail anyway.

Yes, a typical tomboy. I hated those fragile girls that would cry for everything. I liked to play with boys. I was strong and they would bring me competition.

Well, I grew up, started modeling and getting involved with fashion. Started loving shoes – all my 300 pairs – as any other girl. Started getting crazy about accessories and a good powerful feminine fragrance.

That said, that are girls like me that radically change the style when becoming an adult, there are some that keep the tomboyish touch, that certain masculine way of dressing. And there is nothing wrong with any of them. It is just style. And what is style other than expressing your personality?

So, if you do not carry that boyish posture anymore, if you are over your tomboy days, this article is for you (sorry, girly girls, but I write to you and about you all the time).

How can you dress like a woman, be feminine and sensual, and yet keep some touches of your old tomboy style?

Here are some tips:

1- If you opt for suits with a more masculine structure (not too much a defined waist, for example), you can maybe use a feminine button down shirt – if ruffles are too much for you, maybe a button down made in semi sheer material, or with a lace detail, or even a feminine color – pairing a neutral color suit with pastel blouse will guarantee that fragile touch, while pairing with a vibrant color such as red, will give the sensual attitude to that boyish suit.

2- That boyfriend jeans with that straight cut tee and your Converse sneakers can get that feminine touch from a cute floral scarf.

Just a feminine touch...
Just a feminine touch…

3- Cargo kind of girl? Mix with a girly tee – with some distinctive details and maybe some ballerina shoes…

Cargos can totally be girlie!
Cargos can totally be girlie!

4- Ripped jeans, tee and a fedora hat? Use some really cool bracelets and some animal print flats!

5- Skinny jeans, jacket and really short hair? What about that vivid lipstick?

Any way you go, there are ways that you can put your feminine said together with your boyish one, be stylish and yet express your personality!

Boyfriend jacket? Ruffle it up!
Boyfriend jacket? Ruffle it up!

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