Have You Grown Up Yet?

One of the things that I have always wanted to keep with me is my childish spirit, because it makes me feel light, free and happy. I love laughing, playing games and joking around, and one of my specialties is making fun of myself, not taking my mistakes too seriously.

But life goes on, you know…and even keeping my free and childish smile around, does not really allow me to behave as a child, to live as a child, or for that matter, to DRESS as a child.

Wherever I go, one of my pleasant bad habits is observing people: how they act, what they eat, how they dress. And I have to say…OMG, some people just do not feel like growing up!

What about you: have you grown up?

Some signs that you have not:

1-     You still shop at the youth section: no matter which size you wear, youth sections are for teens. Don’t tell me that clothes there fit you better or are cheaper. It might even be true, but that does make you look behind your age, immature and inappropriate.

2-     You still believe you use the same size as when you were a teen: be real – your body changes, and even though sometimes you are able to close your pants, they do not look the same. There is nothing worse than giving the impression you got your pants from your child or (very) younger sister and just slipped on.

muffin top x
Your body changes…


3-     You still use M&M t-shirts. Or Despicable me, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Mutant Ninja Turtle. Or, even those silly (supposedly) funny ones, with those messages that you would not say aloud, but portrait in your tee.

You are not a TEEn anymore...
You are not a TEEn anymore…

4-     You are still using your high-school clothes: just because it closes, it does not mean it fits; or because it was cute then, it is cute now…

5-     You believe that sneakers and flip-flops are appropriate for any occasion. Again, please try to understand: sneakers are for sports and flip-flops for the beach. Well, let’s try to be more flexible: you can use them with shorts or summer dresses in very casual situations (no, your “casual Friday at work does not qualify).

Flip flops are not for the office...
Flip flops are not for the office…

6-     Your handbag looks like a furry alien. No comments necessary.

7-     You use pig-tails. If you are not under 10, please choose another hair style.

Pig-tails only if you are under 10...
Pig-tails only if you are under 10…

Only some of the signs, but I hope you get the message.

You can be casual, fun, daring and full of personality without looking like 13: invest in some neutral good items, such as those perfect fit black slacks, your more than perfect black little dress, white tees, a good pair of jeans a nice flat and a nice pump, a basic handbag I wrote other blogs on essential items to have) and have some really fun pieces, lots of accessories and colorful accent items to make your outfits pop.

Do you look in the mirror and feel like 30 going 13? Clean up and go shopping: you do not need a ton of money, you need to grow up and look for the right items, in the right size, those which will flatter your body type, make you feel fabulous and confident. But more than anything: AGE APPROPRIATE!


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