Letter to Pet Sitter

Dear Pet Sitter:

My husband and I went on a vacation trip and I had a very hard time leaving my furry babies behind. I visited several boarding facilities and ended up hiring a pet sitter and leaving them in the comfort of their home. When I “told” Phoebe and Gibbs that we would be away for some time and a very nice lady would come and take care of them, they decided to writer her a letter with the instructions. Here is the letter my “dogs wrote” to the petsitter:

“Hi, Josie! As you already know, we are Phoebe and Gibbs, the two mom’s angels that you will be caring for.                   IMG_0741

Phoebe: We are really nice doggies 🙂 I (Phoebe) think that Gibbs (my brother) is a little hyper sometimes and he drives me nuts with all that energy. So, I talked to mom and she bought three pretty new tennis balls for you to play with both of us in the backyard. Well, it is mainly him, because he never gives me the chance to get the ball!  Anyway, when you play with him you help him spend a little bit of his incredible energy and help me sleep better because he won’t bug me so much 🙂 The balls are in the laundry room, together with our meds and anything else that we might need.

Gibbs: Actually, Josie, Phoebe, my sister, is a little slow sometimes but she still has it. She makes me work for the ball! I am am faster and love fetching so she just goes along. We (mom, dad and me) were all so proud of her because she beat a bunch of much younger dogs on the Toy Retrieval Contest during the Pooch Pool Party last weekend. She was one-second short for the third place (she did get in 4th!), but I think it was mom’s fault, because she threw the ball too far. Mom even put her video in Facebook and I got a little jealous. But she was really great.

Phoebe: Mom also bought a huge bag of food and made fresh treats for us. We know she keeps the treats in the fridge but we could not figure out how to open the fridge door yet:( We absolutely love her treats and she gives them to the two us after breakfast and after dinner. Well, if we behave. She asks us to sit and than gives us the treats. I eat around 1/2 of my bowl (beige) and Gibbs eats his full (maroon). Please don’t forget to leave us with plenty of water.

Gibbs: She makes us have those gross pills after breakfast, before the treats. I get one of those fish oil pills that mom throws in the air and I catch it. I actually like those ones. Then she gives me ONE pill of Benadryl to help me with my allergies. I can’t have more than one because I got a bad reaction once. Mom has to keep an eye on me because I hide the pill on the very back of my mouth and when she is not looking and spit it out (then she gets mad when she finds it on the floor…) lol. I gotta say though – I am lucky. My sister Phoebe has those huge pills every morning. Two of those white yikes pills (GLUCOSAMINE) to help her feel better and have her joints lubricated and one of the fish oil ones for the fur and general well-being. Now my sister does not chew any pills. Mom has to basically open her mouth and wait for her to swallow. But we know we will be getting the treats after the pills, so we are good. Again, they are all in the laundry room. Mom also left some eye drops because sometimes my allergy makes my eyes (the right one usually) itchy and full of boogers. Mom then puts one drop of the eye drop and feel better right away!

Phoebe: Gibbs leaves his toys all over the place and he does not let me play with them. But that’s ok, I really like to chill and relax. We do not like the heat, so mom and dad.

Please take good care of us.


Phoebe & Gibbs”

They had a wonderful time with their sitter and I found it to be the perfect solution for us all!


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