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Here I will give unbiased product reviews.

I love beauty, fashion, gadgets and pets!  I try new products all the time. So, I decided sharing with everyone my opinion about each specific product that I try.

Please note that this is not a paid service, but a personal opinion, a personal review on specific products. It is my personal perspective on these products, they way I perceive them, the way it works for me, the results I personally witness.

You are also welcome to email me (through the blog contact form) your opinion and review. They will go through moderation and if approved, published in our site. I reserve the right of accepting and publishing or not each review received.


Giorgio Armani Regenessence 3.R

Let’s start by saying that I am a huge fan of Armani as a designer, for his clean lines and sophisticated style.

So, I am always curious about any products that have his name stamped on, and for that reason alone I would try them all. His beauty products are made by L’Oreal and features advanced technology.  It seems that I like every single scent  used in his products are one of my favorite features.

The Regenessence 3.R was inspired by advanced regenerative medicine research by Dr. Lorenz at Stanford and is intended to eliminate puffiness (it contains a specially designed applicator), reduce lines and wrinkles, and transform the eye contour.

Some of the ingredients are: ProXylan, linseed extract and vitamin CP. It also has yeast extract, caffeine and tensor agents.

According to a self assessment of 50 women, the results are great: wrinkles reduced 71% in one hour; in 6 days the skin looks radiant and in one month you gain up to 6 years of youth.

Size: 0.5 oz and price: $80.00, what seems reasonable for the quality of the product.

To test it, I have been using it for 2 weeks now and noticed an improvement of the puffiness and my under-eye skin feels more moisturized. I have not noticed relevant results in the lines and wrinkles though – I believe that right after applying, as it feels smooth and moisturized I can see some improvement in the appearance of my under-eyes skin, but not really impressive results with the wrinkles. Results are different from person to person since all of us have different skin type, complexions – our own skin ID.

The application is easy and the serum is absorbed pretty quickly – the special application gives that immediate “coolness” sensation.

After using it, I feel more “refreshed” than “younger”. Yet, I find it a great product, since puffiness is a common complaint and the freshness coming from the hydration is absolutely delightful.

Regenessence 3.R
Regenessence 3.R

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