Virtual Marketing and Social Media Director

What makes your business grow? Strategy.

Every business, large or small, should have a professional in their staff whose focus is to strategize the company’s marketing and business. However, most of the times marketing relevance is underestimated and businesses assign “marketing and advertisement” to non-professionals, all to find later that the results are not as expected.  At that point, marketing will be more costly than necessary because the work will have to be re-done.

We understand that many companies cannot afford hiring a Marketing Director and we have the solution:  Virtual Director for rent.

Our Virtual Assessment Director will collect information and analyze your needs together with you. Based on the findings, he/she will recommend the type of Virtual Director you will need: Business Director, Marketing Director, Social Media Director or Advertising Director. After the assessment, your Virtual Director will develop a monthly, quarterly or yearly plan, according to your needs and type of agreement.

Instead of spending six figures on a professional, you can hire specialized professionals for different areas of your business at affordable rates and convenient contracts.

Fashion  and Beauty Advisor

The goal of my services is to assist you on looking “your best self”.

It is not about fashion only, the trends of the season or the latest make up item. It is about optimizing your wardrobe according to your personality, lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

It is about digging deep into what you own, discuss what flatters you or not, what you should keep and what should go, shopping with you for the most versatile wardrobe, making you look your best and have confidence in yourself.

No matter if you are into designer fashion, latest trends or simply want to be a more polished you, we will work together to make your favorite designers and brands be part of your closet!

I start with a first consultation to get to know you:assessment of body type and color wheel, your personal preferences, your lifestyle, ordinary and extraordinary events (personal and work), goals, budget and everything else that can help us outlining an action plan to fulfill your expectations and make you always represent your best self.

I offer: closet assessment (that’s when we dig deep into what you own and decide how to start over), personal shopping (when we have fun shopping together for the most optimum wardrobe), a mix and match session (where you will learn how to use all the item that you own and turn them into creative, personalized and diverse outfits) and a virtual stylist “emergency service”, for those last-minute, special occasions where you have to shine and need a little hand from me.(I will always try to build your new wardrobe with and around items that you already have if I consider that they are appropriate for you)

A Look Book is also available.

If you cannot have an in person consultation, you can chat or email me using the buttons on the right side of the Home page (rates apply).

I also offer a variety of packages. Please contact me for details and pricing.


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